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Less screen time, more me time

Later helps you create content that your community loves, so you can increase your engagement rates, followers, and earning potential.

Less screen time, more me time

Later helps you create content that your community loves, so you can increase your engagement rates, followers, and earning potential.

Discover the #Perfect Influencers for Your Campaigns

• Filter 300M+ influencers based on audience characteristics, engagements, keywords, and interests. • Curate branded creators lists for streamlined influencer management. • Predict campaign KPIs for better planning and assessment.

Get Influencer Insights and Make #data-driven decisions

• Detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of influencer’s audience. • Thorough understanding before selecting brand advocates. • Access to comprehensive contact details including phone number and email.

#Effortless Creative Brief Creation

• Discover the advantages of ChatGPT in, an AI-powered tool that improves your communication methods. • Experience the power of AI as it generates optimized emails for better, more efficient communication. • Streamline your results and enhance efficiency with the assistance of the AI-driven ChatGPT within

#Save time on influencer management

• Our solution provides an easy way to manage your influencer relationship budgets effectively. • Streamlines workflows, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing productivity. • Fosters seamless collaborations with influencers and content creators for efficient campaign execution.

Empower Influencers with #LiveLinks

• Influencer LiveLinks offers real-time performance monitoring for enhanced influencer collaboration. • The feature enables influencers to create their own custom-tracked links, accelerating campaign creation. • LiveLinks foster a sense of ownership and partnership based on shared success, streamlining the influencer marketing process.

#Seamless Campaign Tracking

• Centralize campaign data tracking and save all influencer content using the Intelligent Marketing Analytics Interface. • Customize your dashboard for effective decision-making and identification of top-performing influencers. • Access comprehensive analytics for individual links, including metrics for clicks, views, and engagement rates.

#RealTime Sales Reporting

• Leverage the power of data through our comprehensive Sales Reporting feature for optimal campaign evaluation. • Gain access to detailed metrics like clicks, sales, ROI, and conversion rates for thorough performance analysis. • Utilize our intuitive platform to simplify complex data, aiding in making data-driven decisions for enhanced marketing strategies.

Why ? is more than just software, we’re your partner in influencer marketing success. With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll save time, effort, and resources while maximizing your campaign results. Join leading brands and agencies who trust to power their influencer marketing campaigns.

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I love the convenience of having everything under one roof. From influencer outreach, to communication, and partnership details + reporting. I have used other platforms before and this is by far the best one out there with the most capabilities! Also love how receptive the IMAI team is on suggestions for better work flow or any tweaks that could be made.
Ben Levy
Head of Bussinies Development, YK Digital

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