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Analyze any influencer in the world

Find, curate, and engage over 300m influencers on all major platforms based on followers, engagements, keywords, interests, sponserships, and more.

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Efortless influencer outreach and briefing

Streamline your results and enhance efficiency with the assistance of the AI-driven briefs and outreach.

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Predict and track influencer campaigns ROI

Access detailed metrics and an intuitive platform for optimal campaign evaluation and data-driven marketing decisions.

Empower influencers to sell

Minute-by-minute access to campaign results

Our LiveLinks™ technology enables real-time monitoring, custom-tracked links, and streamlines influencer marketing through shared success.

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Sharon Levi Ofri

"IMAI allows me to efficiently source influencers for new campaigns when needed, as well as search through profiles to identify market trends. IMAI is a tool that I trialed for a while, and as soon as the trial was up, I knew I could no longer operate without it. This tool has saved me so much time and made my job so much easier, and I have IMAI to thank for my success in many recent influencer marketing campaigns."

Influencer Marketing Director

Ready to transform your sales with the power of influencer marketing?

With, discover your ideal influencers from a pool of 300M+ options, manage seamless campaigns, and achieve exceptional ROI in your influencer marketing efforts.

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