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• Filter 300M+ influencers based on audience characteristics, engagements, keywords, and interests.

• Curate branded creators lists for streamlined influencer management.

• Predict campaign KPIs for better planning and assessment.

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• Our solution provides an easy way to manage your influencer relationship budgets effectively.

• Streamlines workflows, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing productivity.

• Fosters seamless collaborations with influencers and content creators for efficient campaign execution.

Why ? is more than just software, we’re your partner in influencer marketing success. With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll save time, effort, and resources while maximizing your campaign results. Join leading brands and agencies who trust to power their influencer marketing campaigns.

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" is very user-friendly and helps to streamline the partnership process from inbounding creators to sending commission payments."

I love the convenience of having everything under one roof. From influencer outreach, to communication, and partnership details + reporting. I have used other platforms before and this is by far the best one out there with the most capabilities! Also love how receptive the IMAI team is on suggestions for better work flow or any tweaks that could be made.

Ben Levy

Head of Bussinies Development, YK Digital

" helps me make better decisions when choosing influencers to work with."

Aside from the search filters, the insights and data it gathers on influencers profiles might be one of its best features. The wide variety of filters available on the search really help you narrow down the list of influencers, helping you determine who the best fit is for your brand. You can search by the influencer and their audience’s interests, their follower count, account type, and so much more.

Ido S.

CEO, Freachly Israel

" is allowing me to source influencers that meet the criteria for each campaign in an efficient manner." allows me to efficiently source influencers for new campaigns when needed, as well as search through profiles to identify market trends. is a tool that I trialed for a while, and as soon as the trial was up, I knew I could no longer operate without it. This tool has saved me so much time and made my job so much easier, and I have to thank for my success in many recent influencer marketing campaigns.

Sean M.

Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Join thousands of #delighted users enhances the entire influencer workflow From discovery to campaign measurement. Find the perfect influencers for your campaigns using our dynamic AI system. Measure campaign success and deliver results to clients via a branded interface.